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Welcome! We are Chris and Karin and we LOVE to hike, but mostly we love finding rocks. We are the “Ultimate Rockhounds”. We are lapidaries and travel all over California and Oregon in search of rough. We hand select rough with a keen eye, as we want to find the best quality rough to pass on to others. We also buy personal rock and mineral collections and lapidary items. We strive for excellence. This site offers us the opportunity to share the beauty of rocks with you. We sell to artists and jewelers and have our own EBAY store and Facebook page for selling premium slabs/rough. We ship all over the world. Please if you have any suggestions or special orders.

Chris & Karin

Chris & Karin


1-day-old Jeremiah in a basket of blankets

Jeremiah: IHEARTROCKS’ newest rockhound ♥


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